Sunday, January 10, 2016

Star Wars: Yoda Best Valentines (free printable)


With the release of the new Star Wars movie and its popularity, it is hard to deny, almost everyone LOVES Star Wars!

I made these valentines two years ago for my son and thought I would share:)

Yoda Best Valentine (free printable) |

Not only are they cute and fun, but they are a great candy-free valentine alternative!

Here is the FREE PDF!  I believe I got the glow sticks at Dollar Tree.  They were the bracelet size.

Yoda Best Valentine (free printable) |

Hope you have fun with these!

P.S.  We watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the El Capitan Theatre!  It was pretty cool!

Happy New Year! 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Copper Clay Success!!!

So.... I had success with firing the Art Clay Copper!  I did a lot of online research before firing and decided to follow the directions I found HERE.  I fired it in the coconut shell-based carbon (even though it wasn't necessary), mainly to avoid the thick, black layer of fire scale that was supposed to happen if you fired without it.  I pretty much followed the directions for firing the COPPRclay, but the results with the Art Clay Copper were much better!  I fired at 1778°F for 3 hours.  I did not put a lid on my firing pan.  This firing schedule is also recommended on the Art Clay Copper online info sheet  (which I discovered later).

Here are my results:

The top ornament was made with the COPPRclay (it was under-fired), and bottom was made with Art Clay Copper.  You can see the pitting that occurred when I tried to polish the COPPRclay with a wire brush (both ornaments were polished using only a wire brush).  The COPPRclay did shrink more than the Art Clay Copper too:
living with ThreeMoonBabies | COPPRclay vs. Art Clay Copper

Here is another photo of the wire-brushed ornament made with Art Clay Copper: 
living with ThreeMoonBabies | wire brushed copper clay house ornament

 And now for fun with adding a patina (part of the reason I wanted to work with copper clay so badly)!!!  This patina was created using only vinegar and salt.  I put some salt on the ornament and placed a vinegar soaked cotton pad on it.  The patina will wash off, so you might want to add a sealer to protect your desired finish.
living with ThreeMoonBabies | copper clay house ornament with salt & vinegar patina

 Another picture of the finished ornament:
living with ThreeMoonBabies | copper clay house ornament with patina

Well, I was excited to share my finished results with you!  Hope to have more copper pieces to share soon!  Thanks for stopping by:)

P.S.  While doing some of my research, I found there are lots of different copper clays out can even make your own!  Also, check out the work of this amazing metal clay artist!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hello! It's Been a Looong Time!'s been quite a long time since I blogged!  Sorry!

Hope you all have been well!  I did add a few new items to my Etsy shop.

Also, I'm working on making a house ornament out of copper clay.  I didn't have great success firing the COPPRclay I posted about earlier.  I don't think I fired it at a high enough temperature.  I just bought a new brand to try out that doesn't need to be fired in the coconut shell–based carbon. I'll let you know how that goes.  Fingers crossed!

Oh...and I've had the idea for a beading loom made from a yogurt container for a while, and I hope to be posting a tutorial soon.  I'm also trying to design pieces combining my seed bead work and metal clay stay tuned!

Here are my newest listings:

Btw...two of these new designs were inspired by custom orders, so feel free to request one!  I love hearing your great ideas!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Listings: Fish, Neck Tie, and Bow Pendants

I've been on a creating spree!  I have so many ideas and have been trying to make as many as I can before they disappear from my brain! I just finished up a few more new pendant designs.  They are already available in my Etsy shop. | fish pendant | neck tie pendant | bow pendant

Also, I make most of the jewelry in my shop after it has been ordered, so if you would like a name or message stamped on the back...just let me know!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Remember These?

My oldest daughter recently bought one of those "tattoo" bracelets at Hot Topic.  When I saw it, I was thinking... wait... I used to wear a choker like that!  I can't believe they are back in style!  I was also thinking... I CAN MAKE THAT!  So, I looked for tutorials online and found a bunch.  Even though the one she bought felt like it was made with some type of fishing line, the tutorials I found all used Stretch Magic.  I couldn't find it in craft stores, they were all out of black everywhere I looked, so I ended up buying some from Jo-Ann Fabric online.  I used black and gold in 1mm, but they have all different thicknesses and colors.

Remember These? |   Remember These? |

I ended up liking this tutorial the best.  The only thing I did differently was, instead of cutting two strands of string, I cut one (6 times the length around my neck), folded it in half, and knotted a loop at the end.  This made it easier to tie it together when finished.  There are lots of ways to finish these off though...

Here's my youngest wearing a gold tattoo choker and a vampire teeth pendant (also made by me and soon to be added to my Etsy shop!!!).

Remember These? |